Administrative Management and Consulting Services

TRG can provide expert consultation and advice to your organization on administrative management issues, such as financial planning and budgeting, equity and asset management, records management, office planning, strategic and organizational planning, site selection, new business startup, and business process improvement. Our team of general management consultants can provide a full range of administrative consultation regarding, human resources, marketing, processing, physical distribution and logistics as well as many other management consulting services.

Process, Physical Distribution and Logistics Consulting

TRG can provide a wide range of expert services and assistance to your business in areas ranging from transportation and shipment of goods, materials management and handling, improving manufacturing operations, control and production planning. TRG’s portfolio of services also provide guidance in quality assurance control, inventory management, managing distribution networks, and warehouse operations and utilization. Our focus is to provide the best solutions in the most efficient way possible for your business.

Computer Related Services

Provide any computer related services (except custom programming, systems integration design, and facilities management services). Establishments providing computer disaster recovery services or software installation services are included in this industry.

General Freight Trucking Local and Long Distance

TRG also specializes in providing expert consulting and solutions for local and long distance general freight transportation. Our goal is to exceed your requirements by handling a wide variety of commodities across both local and state lines, by providing an efficient solution to ensure the highest quality of service and handling.

Security Guard and Patrol Services

TRG can provide guidance and consultation for security and patrol solutions both domestic and foreign. We can provide direction on a wide range of measures regarding operations security, personal security, mission support services, adjudications, policy & doctrine development, as well as industrial security and continuity of operations.

Information Technology Strategy

We can provide direction and solutions regarding various I.T. queries ranging from disaster recovery and installation services, domain server management, desktop installations and data analytics. We can also provide solutions for cyber security and infrastructure protection to ensure your business stays secure.